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Since 2015, Alterna has hosted the Latin American Impact Investment Forum, Central America and the Caribbean, an initiative of New Ventures, to advance impact investing and social entrepreneurship in the region and to strengthen the ecosystem. The forum aims to demonstrate, on a global level, the immense and transformative potential of the region while encouraging its development and growth and celebrating its progress.

The forum unites the protagonists of the industry: investors, social entrepreneurs, corporations, capacity developers, NGOs and government institutions amongst others, providing collaborative spaces to facilitate connections and activate the conversation and broaden the scope around the sectoral trends and innovative solutions for the region.



In the previous 3 editions of FLII CA&C:


+1,100 attendees

37 countries represented

+100    activities   

50 sponsors

300 speakers

+50 partners





This year, we want to challenge our position in the global marketplace, propose a question, share and materialize a dream: A region that has the ability to re-imagine itself based on its opportunities rather than on its barriers. Let´s challenge ourselves, let’s get creative, and let's build a shared vision and work together for a region that generates global impact.

How do we drive towards global impact?

It starts with a single connection that has the power to multiply. It is time to put these connections to the test, to use them for impact, to learn from each other, and to drive change and innovation.