FLII CA&C 4.ª edición

Latin American Impact Investing Forum. Central America and the Caribbean

Reimagining the region: the path to global impact

November 7th and 8th | Antigua, Guatemala



What does it mean to reimagine the region?

Generate a space to stimulate interaction and innovation to:

  • Challenge our perceptions our circumstances in the region.

  • Build stronger connections between relevant actors in the ecosystem (private and public sector, investors, academia, capacity builders) in order to advance and achieve the SDGs. Generate visibility of the opportunities of impact investment in the region.

  • Develop strategies to grow positive impact in the region

Agenda pillars to action

pilares web-06.jpg

How to generate and position the investment opportunities in the region and rethink the financial vehicles and instruments used to change the financial paradigm.   

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How to adapt to the future through technological platforms, an innovation culture, creative business models and new forms of collaborations and partnerships.


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How to create opportunities focused on gender and financial inclusion through in-depth dialogue, educational tools and promoting diversity in business.


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How to build for valuable collaborations, generating sustainable and prosperous changes, and achieving greater environmental awareness that allows us to take concrete actions to make better use of our resources.



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